Product Manufactured to Order

Orchard Melamine is a proud British Manufacturer. We have invested significantly in improving our production line’s capacity over the past 2 years, leading to further improvements in our quality and lead time. Our usual lead time can vary between 3 to 5 weeks, depending on the volume of the order and seasonal fluctuations. Please call our team to discuss accurate lead times before ordering.

We appreciate that sometimes mistakes can happen and an urgent deadline reveals itself last minute. We provide an express service for such occasions. The express service guarantees priority in our production schedule.

We provide competitive contract pricing to allow our customer’s to manage product line and cash flow expectations. Orchard Melamine’s ethos is to build a relationship with our customers. With the customer’s interest at heart, our factory enables short and long print capacity with ease.

Here at Orchard Melamine, we know that not every design will be a success. By providing competitive contract pricing, our customer’s have the facility to order small quantities of designs, therefore testing to the market in real time without too much exposure to risk. After all, if you are sitting on slow moving stock, chances are you are not reordering with us.